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Craft Beer Tasting in Prague


Our unique beergustation is a classic

Fat Cat special, and of course a Prague „bucket list“ must-try!


We offer you the chance to try 6 premium quality craft ales and beers which have been carefully selected from family owned Czech breweries and microbreweries

CZK 349


is a top-fermented gold beer. It has a strong citrus taste and distincive aroma. It´s lightly drinkable and refreshing. The curiosity about the Fat Cat beer is that  is dry hopped.

 This unique recipe was created by brewmaster Jan Rada exulusively for us.


Used hops:

Columbus, Citra, Cascade and Amarillo.

Alcohol content 4.8 %

 Brewery Permon in Sokolov


The lager 11 ° is characterized by its high fullness, corresponding bitterness and pure hop aroma. During its production there is no heat treatment (pasteurization) and therefore it tastes like in the cellars of the brewery carved in the rock.

Lager has a golden color, thinner foam and is clear.

The first impression after drinking is a heavily hoppy bitter taste that turns into a sweeter hop after a while.


Alcohol content 4,6 %

Klášter Brewery


is a light flavored cherry beer, bottom fermented and brewed by the brewer master Jan Kropáček.
The basis is a light draft beer boiled in traditional Czech double-smoked barley malt, high quality hops from Žatec and their own spring water.
It is brewed in classical open yeast vats with carefully selected brewery yeast cultures and is fermented in horizontal lager dances where it is flavored with natural cherry juice. It contains no chemical additives or artificial dyes. Natural cherry juice gives this beer a dark ruby to crimson color and a delicious flavor that complements the malt bitterness of beer and the sweet sour taste of cherries.
Beer foam has a touch of light pink color. Smells like caramel and cherry. It has a very fine cut and medium fullness, so it is also popular with women. Especially because of its sweeter end.

Alcohol content 3.9 % 
Brewery Rohozec


Weizen is a wheat refreshing unfiltered beer with a characteristic thick foam.

The aroma and taste can be seen in the tones of banana, cloves, a slight hint of nectarine.

Its quality is evidenced by a number of awards from domestic and foreign tasting competitions, which each year, including the "Best Beer in the World" from the World Beer Awards in London.

Used hops:

:Czech Žatecký červeňák and Sládek er.


barley Pllsen and wheat 

Alcohol content 4,8 % 

Brewery Primátor Náchod


 Antoš Excellent sour. This top fermented ALE immediately impresses with its beautiful color, aroma and taste full of strawberries. You will be suprised by its combination of acidity and creamy softness.

It looks like a strawberry cream thanks to its thick hazy fruit color.

The taste of strawberry is intense.

Moreover, thanks to the added lactose and oat flakes it is really creamy and smooth.

It´s the perfect beer for summer. 

Malts: barley, wheat

Hop: Melon

Other ingredients: lactose, oatmeal


Alcohol content 4,6 %

Antoš Brewery


  Merlin is a very dark black-brown beer with a strong coffee aroma and tones of chocolate.

For its very dark color, they can be described as a really black beer. It is cooked according to a special recipe and is used in addition to three types of malt, crystal clear water, roasted barley from

a deep lake and quality hops.

The result is a magical combination of flavors with a distinct bitterness reminiscent of a stout that every true connoisseur will appreciate.

The aroma is caramel, coffee and lightly roasted and spicy, sweet, and you still feel the bitter end in your taste.


Alcohol content 4,7 % 

Brewery Protivín

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